Sight Support

Our Sight Support Team can help you develop the skills and techniques that will help you live independently in your own home. We will cover everyday activities such as cooking, getting around and general household chores and can advise you on the appropriate use of equipment and gadgets.

We can also offer individual assessments and one-to-one training in the use of appropriate canes, independent travel and route planning, as well as advice on general road safety, use of public transport and confidence building. This also includes helping to advise employers the best equipment that can help in the work place with your day to day job.

Our team can assess your needs by visiting you at home or over the phone. Working with you on an individual basis, we will help you boost your independence through training in living skills, the latest technology and assistive aids.

Community Engagement

We are all social beings and that doesn’t stop if you have a sight impairment. For many, maintaining contact with friends and family is essential to their health and well-being. For that reason, an important part of our role is to ensure our clients have access to support groups and befrienders.

Alternatively, as a large proportion of our clients are elderly, many of whom can become isolated because of their sight loss or mobility issues, we have put in place an extensive befrienders’ scheme. Our befrienders are available for a visit, a chat over a cup of coffee or a trip out.

Please note we can only offer these services to people who have been NHS registered as sight impaired or severely sight impaired.

For further information, please contact our Community Engagement Officer on 01592 649883.


Assistive Technology

Technology is making massive strides in accessibility and the empowerment of people with disability. It is our goal to bring these advances to you, as well as help drive future innovation that will improve the lives of those with sight impairments.

We can provide advice and training on the latest smart technology devices and software which will help you live more independently, communicate easily with friends and family, and enjoy your hobbies.

So whether you need help with magnifiers, mobile phones, tablets, want to know how Alexa and Google Home can help you, or need advice anything tech related, we have an Assistive Technology Team who can help.

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