Thank you to everyone who joined our most recent session which featured Alternative Screen Readers for Windows and Mac. The 2 Stuarts guided us through an excellent demonstration of Windows Narrator and Apple’s VoiceOver.

For anyone who missed this session, you can view the recording via the link below.

The AT Social Hub: Screen Reading Made Easy! – YouTube

What’s next for the Social Hub…?

For our next session, the 2 Stuarts will be taking a look at the NaviBelt by FeelSpace and the UltraCane..

The vibrating NaviBelt makes paths and directions tangible. Experience a completely new feeling of space! Simply put on the NaviBelt, enter a destination with the help of your smartphone and you will immediately feel where you are going. True to the motto: Always follow your gut feeling!

The operation is completely barrier-free and was specially developed for blind and visually impaired people to make it easier for you to orientate yourself in the immediate vicinity.
The application scenarios of the FeelSpace NaviBelt are diverse. Do not miss this new dimension of orientation!

The Ultracane is an electronic mobility aid that utilises “narrow beam technology” to accurately detects obstacles and offers quick feedback to the user.
It gives you more information about your environment and enables you to make decisions much more quickly, allowing you to move around more safely, confidently and effectively; putting you in full control. By using the UltraCane, obstacles can be detected early so that you can navigate around them safely, including avoiding head and chest height obstacles.

The UltraCane detects obstacles because it is equipped with a dual-range, narrow-beam ultrasound system that provides a 100% hazard protection envelope in front of and, uniquely, forward of the head and chest of the user. Two ultrasound transducers provide range data on the closest potential hazards, such as street furniture, plants, people, road signs, and over-hanging branches. This makes the UltraCane equally usable on the street as in interior spaces. The feedback about obstacles is delivered through two small vibrating buttons mounted in the handle of the UltraCane.

This session is also suitable for teachers, parents and assistive technology beginners.

When: August 5th, 2021 10:00 AM

Topic: The AT Social Hub: Mobility Magic with NaviBelt and UltraCane!

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Now more than ever assistive technology is invaluable to those with sight loss, visual impairment, or learning disability. We have a solution that could be hugely beneficial to you or a family member so please do come and join other AT users as we share our experiences and support each other along the way.