The Social Hub is back with more top tech trends on Thursday April 15th.
Our next event will feature the mobility smart band from Sunu. The Sunu Band protects your head and upper body by warning you through a series of vibrations when an object or person is close by. The Sunu Band is worn like a watch and it will feel like walking with an invisible sighted guide, helping you get anywhere you want to go and keeping you safe at all times.
You can also customize your Sunu Band and unlock more features with the Sunu Smartphone App. From here you can access location information on the go and find nearby places within your path. Sunu enables you to explore your surroundings with turn-by-turn directions and will let you know about places of interest in the direction you point your hand.
Some of the areas we will be exploring during the session include;
• What is the Sunu Band?
• Wearing the Sunu Band
• Obstacle Detector
• Indoor Mode
• Outdoor Mode
• Exploring real-life scenarios when using the Sunu Band
• Orientation and Mobility Examples and scenarios
• The New Sunu App 2.0 (New features)
• Demonstration of Sunu Band + App
Will be joined by Diego Mendoza (Leader of Commercialization) from Sunu who will be leading the demonstration.
When: April 15th, 2021 10:00 AM
Topic: The AT Social Hub: The Art of Navigation with the Sunu Band and Smartphone App!
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As always, please do come armed with your questions and we will do our best to find the answers. This session is also suitable for teachers, parents and assistive technology beginners.
“I don’t know” has become “I don’t know yet” – Bill Gates
Now more than ever assistive technology is invaluable to those with visual impairment or a learning disability. We have a solution that could be hugely beneficial to you or a family member so please do come and join other AT users as we share our experiences and support each other along the way.