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Welcome to the seescape Volunteer micro-site, where you will hopefully find all that is useful for your volunteering journey with seescape, including news/updates and documents for download under the following sub-headings.


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Here’s a list of some relevant documents you may find useful in your volunteering journey with seescape. If you require access to these in an alternative format, please contact seescape directly: on 01592 649 883 or email: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk

Volunteer Welcome Handbook:

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seescape is officially a Volunteer Friendly organisation having achieved the Volunteer Friendly Award. For more information on Volunteer Friendly Scotland visit: Volunteer Friendly Award.

Volunteering Policy – an overarching policy on seescape volunteering:

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Applying to volunteer:

seescape welcome volunteers from all walks of life and we aim to provide an inclusive and enjoyable experience for anyone interested becoming a seescape Volunteer. Roles are rewarding and offer flexible opportunities whether it’s befriending a client once a week in your area or helping out at a group for a couple of hours each week.

Read the role descriptions here for

Volunteer Befriender:

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Social Group Volunteer:

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We also offer opportunities to volunteer in other areas of the organisation including Fundraising and Administration. Get in touch to find out more.

For an informal chat about what’s involved, please get in touch with the Community Engagement Coordinator at seescape on 01592 649 883 or email: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk

We ask all prospective volunteers to complete and return an Application Form and Consent form which are available to download below.

Volunteer Consent Form

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Volunteer Application Form:

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Our Volunteer commitment to you:

As part of ensuring you have an enjoyable volunteering experience, we ask all volunteers to sign a Volunteer Agreement which sets out you’re responsibilities and also what you can expect from us (see blank copy here):

Volunteer Agreement:

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We take confidentiality and data protection very seriously, which is why we also ask all our volunteers to sign and return a Confidentiality and Data Protection Agreement. Please download and sign to return to seescape.

Volunteer and Confidentiality Agreement

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If you have any questions or require these doucments in an alternative format please contact Kirstie Henderson, Community Engagement Coordinator on 01592 649 883 or email: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk

Safe and Fair Volunteeringvolunteer sighted assistance training

As volunteer with seescape you are likely to meet our clients which is why we ask most volunteers to apply to the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG) in Scotland. If you don’t already have a PVG we can apply for free on your behalf, or if you have one already, we can link it to us. You can download some more information about this here:

Information about PVG for Volunteers:

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In addition, we will also ask around the time of your application to complete an image permission form (to ask permission for us to take your photograph, you can decline if you prefer not too).

Image permission form:

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We also issue volunteers with an up-to-date volunteer ID badge so others know you are a seescape volunteer whilst carrying out volunteering duties with seescape. If you haven’t already been issued with one or have one which is expired please contact us on the details above to request a new one.


Like all volunteers, you are entitled to claim for reasonable travel expenses (on confirmation of relevant up to date insurance, MOT and car tax).  We ask that volunteers submit these monthly before the 20th of the month for processing (alternative arrangments can be requested if required).  Please email to: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk Below are the documents required including mileage claim form.  Here you can download documents in relation to this including:

Mileage claim form:

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Bank details form (so we can pay you expenses):

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Volunteer Travel and Subsistence Policy:

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Health and Safety:

We take the health and safety of our volunteers very seriously at seescape, here you can find a range of policies in connection with this. If you are uncertain or unsure about volunteering responsibilities or duties, you must speak to the Community Engagement Coordinator at seescape at the earliest opportunity so we can aim to help resolve or deal with the matter.

We also recognise that there is an element of risk in everything we do. Volunteers are not expected to conduct risk assessments for every activity they may be involved in, this seescape’s responsibility, but we do encourage all volunteers report any incidents, difficulties or health and safety issues, as soon as possible particular when it involves a seescape client/s (i.e. not to wait until the next working day) by calling our mainline on 01592 644 979. Below are some documents for guidance and advice.

Premises and Risk Assessment Guidance:

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Volunteer Risk Assessment Template:

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Example Risk Assessment for Group Activity:

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On keeping yourself and others safe whilst volunteering you may find it helpful to read over the Adult and Child Protection Policy for Volunteers and the Lone Volunteering Policy.

Volunteer Adult & Child Protection Policy

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Lone Volunteering Policy:

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If you require any advice, support or information in relation to safeguarding, looking after yourself and others, whilst volunteering please speak to the Community Engagement Coordintaor as soon as possible on 01592 649 883. You might also find useful documents in the Training and Ongoing Support section of this site in the menu above.

You can also request in full seescape’s Adult Protection Policy as well as any other relevant documents such as Public Liability Insurance, etc.


Training and Ongoing Support

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Whilst volunteering with seescape you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience. As part of your training, you will receive an induction to seescape which will cover all the aspects of your role.

However, we also recognise you may require new or refresher training, in relation to your rour role and responsibilities.  You can discuss this at any stage of your volunteering, by contacting the Community Engagement Coordintaor on 01592 649 883 or email: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk.

Being a Befriender:

Our training for befrienders is now available in three parts, for trainees to download online and do at their own pace in their own time. Here you can read an outline of what is involved:

Introduction to Training & Checklist

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If you require access to this including any of the supporting materials, please contact Community Engagement Coordinator on 01592 649 882 or email: kirstie.henderson@seescape.org.uk

We provide other training opportunities throughout the year including internal and external courses. Here is a short list:


  • Visual Awareness
  • Sighted Assistance
  • Making a Positive Difference as a Volunteer
  • Communication skills

Ad-hoc training – if you want to learn a specific skill or have identified a particular training need as part of your volunteering with seescape please get in touch with seescape’s Community Engagement Coordinator on 01592 644 979


From time to time, we invite external training providers in to deliver sessions in relation to a particular area, where there is an unmet need. Some examples of courses which have been provided in the past include:


We ask all volunteers to take an active role in keeping connected with seescape, by sharing activities which are being planned or taking place on an ongoing basis and following up where necessary i.e., if a seescape client requires some input from our services.

This is even more important for Volunteer Befrienders’ as the role entails, unsupervised contact on a one to one basis with seescape clients. We ask volunteers to take part in support sessions on a one-to-one basis and review all befriending partnerships regularly, but we also rely on volunteers letting us know what is taking place and when. We have a duty of care to you as volunteers, but also to our clients and if there are any concerns about this you must inform seescape as soon as possible.

This also includes asking for help, information, advice or seeking support when needed and letting us know if you must cancel a visit/activity or are unable to continue volunteering.

Further information about this can be read in the following documents:

Support and Staying Connected is about how we support volunteers in all roles with the Community Engagement Service:

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Managing endings: how seescape plan and manage endings, with some sections specific to those who are Volunteer Befrienders.

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We also ask volunteers to complete reviews as part of formal process for checking out how befriending is going 3 and 6 monthly reviews but also at the end of your volunteering journey. This is a generic template for this purpose which you will be sent in advance if asked to respond:

Volunteer Review Template:

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News and Updates

Instructions for volunteers and farewell

27th of May 2022

If you need to get in touch regarding general volunteering enquiries please call main office on 01592 644979 or email: info@seescape.org.uk. 

For expenses please send to Gemma Dickson for authorising on a monthly basis to gemma.dickson@seescape.org.uk (Mileage Claim form can be downloaded here).

For any concerns about the welfare, safety or health of a client/s contact Evelyn Hickman, the Team Leader of the Sight Support Team on 01592 644979 or direct dial: 01592 649 882  

For more complex volunteering related enquiries please contact Lesley Carcary on 01592 644 979 or email: lesley.carcary@seescape.org.uk

For groups including cancelations/queries/recording attendance please conta