Thursday July 2nd
seescape and Sight and Sound Technology are joining forces once again to ensure that our service users are being supported during this difficult time.

Our next session is entitled
‘Making Your Voice Heard’
with Brian Hartgen from Hartgen Consultancy

During the session, Brian will provide an overview of how a person can use voice recognition when he or she is visually impaired. This is achieved using a combination of Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice input software and either JAWS for Windows or ZoomText Fusion screen-reader magnifier.

Brian will focus on two products:
J-Dictate, a productivity tool for those who are comfortable using the computer keyboard or mouse to undertake text editing and computer manipulation, but who nevertheless want a dictation tool for text input only.

J-Say, allowing complete hands-free control of the computer by voice including echoing of dictated text, screen-reading and a raft of useful utilities designed specifically for the visually impaired voice input user.

For the past five years, Hartgen Consultancy has created a range of products and training courses exclusively to support the JAWS screen-reader and ZoomText screen-magnification software. In this session, our guest Brian Hartgen will give an overview of the product range, everything from low-cost training in applications you may care to use on a daily basis through to tools to improve your productivity, read the news, get the weather, download podcasts and even broadcast audio.

Brian Hartgen has been developing JAWS script-based products for 20 years, spending 17 years working in the voice input arena. Prior to lockdown, he was still training clients at home or places of employment, including individuals with a very severe degree of physical and sensory impairment. Hartgen Consultancy also develops a range of other products to support both JAWS and ZoomText and offer online and onsite training services.

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“For most people, technology makes things easier. For those with a disability, it makes things possible!”

Now more than ever assistive technology is invaluable to those with sight loss or visual impairment. We have a solution that could be hugely beneficial to you or a family member as the Government’s restrictions force more and more of us to remain indoors and self-isolate.