Thursday July 16th
Sight and Sound Technology and our friends at seescape are continuing to bring you biweekly sessions which provide support, insight and

analysis. Our aim as always, is to promote independent living through innovation.

Our next session is entitled
‘An Interactive Introduction to the World of Low Vision Technology!’

The next Social Hub session will feature an interactive presentation that explores a wide range of low vision solutions. The interactive format will require you to discuss 3 low vision scenarios. There will be 5 assistive technology solutions available for each scenario and we would like you to find the most suitable and beneficial for the individual bearing in mind their difficulties and what they would like to achieve.

The session will concentrate on the following areas of interest;

• Education tools
• Balance and co-ordination
• Font style, size
• Contrast
• Scanning text
• Reduce eye strain and screen glare
• Reading text in a variety of formats
• Alternatives to magnification

Register in advance for this webinar:

“For most people, technology makes things easier. For those with a disability, it makes things possible!”

Now more than ever assistive technology is invaluable to those with sight loss or visual impairment. We have a solution that could be hugely beneficial to you or a family member so please do join us and hear others share their sight loss journey.